An immutable, verifiable record of every network device

The Enhanced Mobile Equipment Identifier is the world's first blockchain-enabled service for supply chain security, device management, software licensing, and equipment tracking.

How it Works

Bringing the power of blockchain where it’s needed most

With over five billion people using mobile phones, smartphones have become the number one target of malicious actors. The E-MEID pairs a technology known for its ability to provide verification with industries that have the most to lose from a lack of security.

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E-MEID Capabilities

Software Licensing

Leveraging the blockchain, E-MEID can properly verify software bill-of-material licensing and periodically check cybersecurity vulnerability databases for required updates.

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TNS and Rypplzz are using Interlife™ spatial engineering technology to add geolocation data and geofenced management to the E-MEID solution. These enhancements dramatically improve security and provide real-time operational options.

For example, an organization could disable software running on an E-MEID provisioned piece of equipment based on its location.

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Supply Chain Management

E-MEID capabilities include hardware and software bill-of-material, counterfeit device detection, and software remediation monitoring.

These capabilities enhance an organization’s hardware and software supply chain visibility, component provenance, and internal change management processes.

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What industry leaders are saying about E-MEID

Threats to global supply chains are increasing exponentially, as is the proliferation of IoT devices.  MEID represents a leap forward that enables us to stay inside the technological turn of malign actors.

Eric Adolphe, CEO Forward Edge

On E-MEID: We think blockchain is a wonderful way to help add immutability, something that has not yet been used widely in the telecom space.

David Stehlin, CEO Telecommunication Industry Association

ComSovereign/Virtual NetCom manufactures communications gear for mission-critical communications for Public Safety, Homeland Security, Department of Defense and commercial Private Network users. We are upgrading our devices to use eSIM technology and would like to link the eSIM to the E-MEID to record relevant security and usage data onto the blockchain.

Mohan Tammisetti, SVP & Chief Engineer COMSovereign Group

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